Using Technology for Spanish Homework

Using Technology for Spanish Homework

Homework is one way in which most tutors use it to keep the students busy after school. In particular, the case will talk about doing Spanish homework. A lot of tutors focus their energy on textbooks. Asking the students, they will tell you how to bring it every night due to the heavy load of homework. The traditional way of doing homework is becoming bringing and unrealistic at some point.

Most students will rather use their smartphones while at home than do homework. There is that feeling that a smartphone gives you. Students decide even to seek Spanish homework help to get if the boredom of doing homework. So if you are one of those students who need help with Spanish homework assignments, this article is for you. As educators, we have to find ways to make homework very interesting for the students.

Approaching Spanish homework

Use these six tips to approach homework.

  • Having fun at the end is something that you should aim for
  • Should engage actively
  • Challenging students are good about not too much
  • Assign the students’ homework options
  • Look for creative ways to keep students very active
  • Have the assignments feel relevant to them

Below are some ideas that you can use to do homework in Spanish.

Pronunciation using Snapchat

Using Snapchat is one in which you can get through with Spanish homework. This is one of those apps that most students are using today for most other non-building activities. One can transform Snapchat into something productive.  Tell your students to find about five words that are hard to pronounce. Get words that are relevant to the topic that you are studying currently.

Let the students snap the words. This will show how serious your students are. The fellow students can help them with the correction in case they fail to pronounce the word correctly.

Create Instagram-inspired videos

This is another application that most students are using A lot. In Facebook’s case, they turned into one of their investments. Most youngsters like scrolling through picture-based news feeds rather than the word.

Students should opt to take photos of their favorite moments in class and post them on their Instagram pages, and then make a presentation from them.

Add captions to the posts with what they were learning in class that day. Utilize the word limit that Instagram gives you to describe your day.

Conditional tense in photos

There is a lot more that people can do with Instagram. You see, students most times like to scroll through their news feed. So why not trigger some Spanish assignments.

Let the students have that opportunity to discuss and describe their feelings when they are with their friends. At a particular time. If your students feel they cannot comment openly, they can create a mock post and then delete it after.

Spanish-speaking groups

Students love to be in groups that talk about what they love most. So for This, I have an idea. Let your students be part of Spanish Facebook groups. Peruse through the comments of what the Spanish-speaking people are posting. Comment on the posts in Spanish. One sentence at a time. And then let the students post a video or a written post of what they think. This Post should be in past tense and Spanish.

Select some students to show the class what they have posted on their Facebook groups. Discuss what the students have learned in class. It will also build other students.

Spanish-speaking artists

This is the part where Twitter comes in. Twitter has numerous amount of accounts that post everything and anything. One can use this social media platform to learn new things. All the students need to do is to follow about 10 Spanish-speaking artists. Let them go through the posts of the artists. And students must find the difference between the way various artists post.

After the students should also tweet, basing on the difference between what the different artists have posted. You can Give the learners different ways of using subjunctives. For any homework to be successful, discuss with the class.


There are so many ways in which students can find doing Spanish homework. These are just a few ways one can use social media to study homework.

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