Why Math is Difficult for Some Students

Why Math is Difficult for Some Students

Back in 2005, Gallup rolled out a poll that instructed students to name a subject that, in their perspective, was the most difficult. It was no surprise that mathematics topped the chart. So the question we are to answer is, what makes math so tricky?

Something difficult gets defined as not readily or easily done. It also demands a lot of skill, labor, or intensive planning get successfully performed. That definition suits math. Most students find the subject a hell place because the topic demands persistence and patience, and it is not that subject that automatically comes to students. You have to toil to get the hang of it. You will have to invest both your time and energy to emerge the victor. That means that many students do not have to worry about brainpower.

Mathematics and Types of Brains

There is an element of the style of the brain that pops up when math gets mentioned. People get wired differently, and some scientists believe that math comprehension skills are different across each individual. About some scholars, the left-brain thinkers grasp information in bits. On the other hand, intuitive, artistic, right-brain thinkers get more global. They can take in a lot of information at one time and process it. Therefore, left-brainers can quickly grasp concepts while right-brainers cannot.

Mathematics as a Cumulative Subject        

The knowledge of math is cumulative in the sense that it operates much more like block building. You must grasp information in one area so that you can go and apply it in another. The first blocks of mathematics get layered when still in primary school. Here, you get to learn about addition rules and the rules of multiplication. Those few concepts are the first steps to building the foundation of mathematics.

The next blocks get introduced when we step into middle school. Here, students get to learn about operations and various formulas. Students must first get hold of these concepts before proceeding to the next level, where they get expected to expand the knowledge framework.

The hurdles start somewhere between middle school and highs school. Here, the students are elevated to a new grade or subject before they get ready. The students who score C while in middle school have understood close to half of what they should know but continue with the journey. Most of them go on because:

  • They think the grade C is enough
  • Guardians and parents fail to realize that continuing the journey without full comprehension could lead to a vast higher status problem.
  • Teachers and instructors do not have the time and energy to ensure that all students grasp all the contents.

Therefore, students graduate to the next level with a not so firm foundation. The result of this is that the student will face a hard time trying to build and reach his or her potential and lead to complete failure. The lesson that everyone should take here is that any student who scores a C in math should have a better review to ensure they grasp the information they will later apply in other subjects. It would be best for better results if you hired a tutor to help you go through the struggles you face in math.

Making Mathematics Easier

Here are some of the things that link difficulty to math

  • It seems complicated because it demands energy and time
  • Several people do not have enough time to process math lessons, which makes them lag behind their studies as the teacher presses on.
  • Most people elevate to the next level of learning challenging and complex concepts with a low and shaky foundation.
  • We are always getting stuck because of weak and substandard structures that may collapse at any given time.

No matter your education level concerning mathematics, you can always excel if you go back and strengthen your foundation. You must understand the basic concepts for you to graduate to the next level. If currently, you are in middle school, do not move on until you have grasped the concepts of algebra fully. You can hire a tutor if necessary. If you are in high school and math is still a struggle, get a tutor to help you out.

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