Multimedia Training

LearnCom’s award-winning staff of media professionals, incorporate a variety of media to enhance learning. For example, the use of video serves as a helpful tool to provide visual content that is interesting, captivating, and when used correctly, effective.

STARBASE Alpena promotional video

LearnCom developed this promotional video to increase awareness of the STARBASE Alpena program within the region. The objective was to show teachers, administrators, and parents how the hands-on focused activities at STARBASE Alpena will excite students in the areas of physics, chemistry, technology, engineering, mathematics, and STEM careers.

STARBASE One Mars Room 3D animation

To bring the Mars room experience to life, LearnCom collaborated with STARBASE One to write, design, and create a 3D animated video. This video is projected on two large walls to enhance the learning experience of STARBASE 4th and 5th grade students as they test robots on the simulated Mars planet surface.

STARBASE One promotional video

To reach teachers, administrators and parents, STARBASE One chose LearnCom to write and produce a promotional video that would capture the excitement and unique learning that takes place every day at STARBASE One.

Redstone Architects: Multi-agency Law Enforcement Facilities and Security in Police Facilities

Redstone Architects hired LearnCom to create two videos to highlight the state-of-the-art Marshall Regional Law Enforcement Center. LearnCom wrote, shot and edited these videos that are used in Redstone’s presentations and website.